2013 ZOC Ranch Awards:

ZOC Ranch Marathon Shoots Level Hi-Point Winners (Sponsored by Bob Thomson): 

Level 1- Judy Ollie, Level 2- Collin Esau, Level 3- Frank Sears, Level 4- Sergio Bevacqua, Level 5- Don Sronce

ZOC Ranch Faller Offers & Downers:

Collin Esau, Abby Esau, Nathan Gooch, Cliff Kessler, Deana Miller & Wayne Scheppert 

ZOC Ranch "Click Click" Club:

Sub Ollie, Frank Sears, Tracy Gooch & Tommy Wilkinson 

ZOC Ranch Overall "Super Sandbagger"- Kala "Chatty Cathy" Howard

ZOC Ranch Most Penalties Top 5:

5th- Brenda Ollie Chunn, 4th- Cathy Hendrickson, 3rd- Craig Sullivan, 2nd- Kala Howard & 1st- Sarah Sales with 330 seconds in penalties.

ZOC Ranch "Most Eligible Bachelors":

Dave Cogdill, Jerry Wilkinson & Dave Harmon

 ZOC Ranch's "Best Faller Offer Not at ZOC Ranch":

Sharon Sanders

ZOC Ranch "Perfect Attendance Award":

Sandy Sullivan 

ZOC Ranch Overall Champion Cowgirls:

Tracy Gooch, Nora Porter, Kim Redo & Deana Miller 

ZOC Ranch Hi Overall Champions:

Chuck Chunn, Zane Chunn, Tammy Esau, Mark Allen & Tommy Wilkinson 

  2012 ZOC Ranch Awards:

ZOC Ranch founders Sub & Judy Ollie.

Couldn't do it with out you award: Earl & Norma Asbridge!

2012 ZOC Ranch Wranglers: Abby Esau, Will Miller, AJ Porter, Sam Porter!

2012 Click Click Club inductee: Tommy Wilkinson!

2012 Most Penalties Award (Top 3): 3rd Kala Howard- 205 seconds, 2nd (not pictured) Sarah Sales- 210 seconds and first place Joyce Scheppert- 220 seconds.

2012 Faller Offers & Faller Downers: Craig Sullivan, Mark Allen, Will Miller, Karie White, Sarah Sales (not pictured) and Dave Cogdill (not pictured)!

2012 Longest Distance Traveled ZOC Shooter Award: Bob Thomson from Templeton, California!

2012 Ladies Overall Champions: Deana Miller, Tammy Esau, Sarah Sales and Beth Duch (not pictured)!

2012 High Overall Champions: Mark Allen, Tammy Esau, Zane Chunn and Eric Hagedon (not pictured)!

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